Woman struggled with infertility, finally conceives thanks to bingo win money from mom for IVF

We all know what “bingo” means—it is a win. In the case of this couple, it really was a game of bingo that led to the biggest win of their lives and fulfilling a longstanding wish to start a family.

Jaylyn and Richard Hosburgh desperately wanted to start a family, but due to fertility issues, there had been no good news to share with family.

“After every negative pregnancy test, I fell deeper into depression. Every pregnancy announcement hurt,” Jaylyn wrote to Love What Matters.


“I was jealous. Jealous that it wasn’t us; jealous that they ‘didn’t even have to try.’ I just wanted a baby and didn’t care how it happened,” she added. “Jealousy is an evil emotion.”

After several failed IVF treatments, and thousands of dollars later, they looked into adoption options.

During the home study, they were told by the adoption agency that in order to proceed, the couple would have to abandon the fertility treatments. The Hosburghs were not ready for that, so the adoption idea was put on hold.

They returned to the IVF clinic, where another type of treatment was offered, but it would cost $20,000—an amount they couldn’t afford.

“We didn’t have that money,” said Jaylyn.

On Aug. 1, 2015, Jaylyn called her mother to go with her to bingo. Even though she was not feeling well, Jaylyn’s mother knew she needed cheering up, so she agreed to go.

“The accumulator was at $24,000. I called my mom to say, ‘forget it, it’s so busy,’ but she was already gone. Once she got there I tried to convince her to leave but she wouldn’t. We buy our books and I buy 3 cards instead of my usual 2. My mom notices and does the same,” Jaylyn shared.

What happened next would change Jaylyn’s life forever. Her mother won the bingo jackpot and gave the money to the couple for the IVF treatment, and soon there was news everyone was over the moon about.

“To our surprise, we saw our first positive pregnancy test EVER,” Jaylyn shared. The couple cried with joy, but there was more good news awaiting them as her pregnancy progressed in 2016.

“Then the doctor says, ‘There is one baby and here is the heartbeat, and here is another baby and here is the heartbeat.’ At first, I thought he was kidding,” she recalled.

The Hosburghs were having twins. Their lifelong wish was finally coming true.

Jaylyn’s pregnancy was not an easy one though, and she faced complications during the labor.

“I had a postpartum hemorrhage after each baby was born and they could not get it under control,” Jaylyn said. “My blood pressure was 60/30 and my heart rate was at 200 BPM. At one point I remember asking my mom if I was dying.”

Thanks to expertise from the medical staff, all turned out well, and she had two healthy babies—Maxwell and Harper.

“This journey was a rough one, but in the end I made it out with two wonderful babies to show for it,” Jaylyn shared. “At most times I didn’t think I could continue, but if I gave up I wouldn’t have these two babies here—Our Bingo Babies.”

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