Video of 91-year-old grandma spontaneously singing bluegrass gets millions of views

Out of the blue, this grandmother started to sing a song for her family. After the video of her performance was posted online, it went viral—and for good reason.

It doesn’t matter how old one is to sing one’s heart out, and Fannie Spaulding, of Crum, West Virginia, is proof of that. The then 90-year-old grandmother felt a sudden inspiration to sing, and boy, can she carry a tune.

Without any music accompaniment, Spaulding spontaneously began singing the bluegrass gospel song “What a time in heaven.” Her great nephew, Lincoln Bragg Jr., was with her and he recorded the impromptu performance.


©Facebook Video Screenshot | Lincoln Bragg Jr.

Dressed in a pink nightgown and standing in the living room, Spaulding sang, “You talk about a time in heaven, when I leave this world of sin.

“What a time in heaven, when I lay those burdens down,” she continued. “What a time in heaven, when I put on my robe and crown.”

Bragg posted the video online on May 30, which has since garnered more than 2.6 million views on Facebook.

“This was a blessing,” Bragg told WCHS.

According to Bragg, Aunt Fannie decided to sing for the family during a visit, and she used to sing in the church. There’s no doubt about the latter judging by Spaulding’s heartfelt singing, which many online users praised.

“There’s something about the elderly singing with hope,” wrote Facebook user Kristy Bittinger. “Knowing that when they leave this world something better is waiting.”

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Lincoln Bragg Jr.

Another Facebook user, Mae Everett, commented, “The most uplifting thing I’ve seen in a long time. This blessed me so very much.”

Spaulding’s family threw her a birthday party last month; she turned 91 on June 14.

Keep on singing, grandma Spaulding!

Watch Fannie Spaulding sing in the video here:

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