Touching reunion between hospital patient and his much-loved horse leads to miraculous recovery

Animals can play a huge part in our lives; we care for them and they in turn give us devotion and love. Sometimes though, the love they generate can turn the tide, as is the case for this very sick man and his horse.

Hospital patient Francisco Mena just wasn’t thriving after undergoing emergency surgery for a perforated bowel. Even four months later he was still bedridden, had lost his appetite, and fell into depression.


The hospital had in the past encouraged patients to have their dogs visit them—with very positive results for the patients. Mena’s case was unusual as his beloved pet was a horse named Esquilador, but even so the doctors thought it might be helpful to encourage a visit.

On Mena’s 65th birthday, his friends transported Esquilador from his stable to the hospital, where hospital staff had arranged for the reunion to take place.

The loving meeting between Mena and Esquilador was just the tonic Mena needed. They hadn’t seen each other in two years.

The impact of this visit from his horse was huge for Mena, and his health improvement was nothing short of miraculous.

Dr. Daniel Souto Silveira told newspaper Zero Hora: “It was surprising to me…a transformation seemed to occur the moment Mena and Esquilador reunited. He transmitted love and the horse reciprocated, doing something the animal couldn’t imagine: saving his life.”

Mena’s mood lifted, his appetite returned, and he began taking steps with a walker.

He is expected to be discharged from hospital very soon, and by his side will be his beloved companion Esquilador.

Esquilador—the miracle horse, is sure to help him make a full recovery.

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | Globo.

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