They found valuables during their river snorkeling adventure and 2 are working iPhones

The bottom of the river in this clip houses countless hidden treasures, and while they might not be made of actual gold as people would fantasize, these items are definitely still keepers.


YouTuber Dallas is a free diver, scuba diver, and a bona fide treasure hunter. In this clip, his friends, first-timers, tag along with him to go snorkel in this river for another exciting adventure.

All suited up in their adventure gear—snorkeling fins, and dive masks—Dallas and his friends plunge into the river. There, between and underneath the rocks, they search for valuable things hoping to find lost items or anything intentionally discarded.

Most of the items they recover are sunglasses, but they managed to pull out two remarkable things. However, you’ve got to check it out yourself—it’s insane!

Video Credit: YouTube | Man + River.

Found Jewelry Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables