Teen continues mother-daughter school-time tradition at graveyard after mom passes from cancer

Texas teen shares photos she took with her mother as part of a tradition the two did together. The last photo is heartbreaking to see.

Savannah Inthalangsy, from Mesquite, Texas, graduated from John Horn High School on May 26. The fresh grad plans to attend Eastfield College before transferring to the University of Texas at Dallas, WFAA reported.

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Recently, Savannah posted a series of selfies she took with her mother, Phelana Foster, on Twitter. The two had a long-running tradition to take a picture on the first and last day of each school year while holding a drink or ice cream in their hand.


Looking at the photos, it’s easy to see how much Savannah has changed and grown over the course of four years, but she’s not the only one. Phelana’s appearance has also changed, most notably in the junior and senior year photo.

Phelana was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and the doctors told the family she would not have long to live. In one photo, Phelana’s hair has fallen out, most likely as a result of treatment.

The photo taken at the beginning of Savannah’s senior year shows the pair smiling happily holding a Starbucks drink, and the last picture is that of Savannah at the end of the year sitting at her mother’s grave.

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“I wanted to finish off the tradition,” Savannah said. “I would always say we’re best friends and she’d say, ‘We’re not friends! I’m your mom. I can’t be friends with you!’ But I still think we were best friends.”

Phelana passed away on Dec. 19, 2017.

“She had a brain aneurysm, and she went into a comma [sic] on her way to the hospital,” Savannah told CBS DFW.

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The high school graduate plans to honor her mother’s wishes by earning a bachelor’s degree.

“She never got her bachelor’s degree to teach education but she was able to teach at daycare, and I always said that I wanted to get my bachelor’s degree and I always said that I loved education, too,” Savannah shared.

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