Sweet gesture of love: 90-yr-old grandma offers cold refreshments to garbage men on a hot day

Not all superheroes wear capes. One grandma makes a huge difference in someone’s day simply by carrying out a small gesture of kindness.

On a hot afternoon, a lovely grandmother stepped out of her house with two cans of cold drinks in her hands. The drinks weren’t for herself but for the two garbage men who had come to the house to collect the trash.


One of the garbage collectors in the video can be seen approaching the grandma to receive the drinks. Clearly it wasn’t the first time the elderly woman gave them drinks as she seemed to know the man well.

Little did the grandmother know her kind gesture was being caught on video by her granddaughter, who was secretly filming in a car.

The granddaughter later uploaded the footage on Twitter with the caption, “Caught my grandma in the act………..of kindness, for always giving them ice cold drinks on hot days like these.”

She shared that her grandma did this on “every. single. trash. day. [sic]” In fact, she never misses a day not doing a good deed such as this.

For the granddaughter, her kindhearted grandmother is her daily inspiration.

The tweet has since gone viral, garnering more than 323,000 likes. Many netizens are touched by the grandma’s sweet gesture.

One Twitter user, who used to work in a waste management company, wrote how these small acts mean the world to those laboring outside in the sun.

I appreciated the kind people who used to do that for us. So reassuring that people really have kind genuine hearts,” he commented.

Another user wrote, “Your G’ma is a reminder of the good in this world.”

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the big difference.

So next time you encounter the hardworking garbage collectors in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to offer them cold drinks!

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