Steel worker tears up during interview after Trump’s speech at reopening U.S. Steel mill

The recent reopening of U.S. Steel means more to some Americans then many of us may realize. After President Trump gave his speech at the St Louis-area steel mill in Granite City yesterday, it became apparent just how much—you could see it in the faces of returned steel workers, and you could feel it in the air.

Trump called the company’s decision to restart one of their blast furnaces a “great victory” and an “honor.” The decision came in response to the President’s move to put tariffs on imports, protecting US manufacturing—and, thus, jobs.

After the speech, KSDK News caught up with one of the many employees who got their jobs back, Tony, a third-generation steel worker. It was clear just how much the President meant to him.


“It’s just nice to know that we’ve got someone fighting for us to keep our jobs. It was rough for a lot of us,” he told the reporter. The somewhat burly family man was seen wiping tears from his eyes, and emotion caused his voice to crack.

Tony had been laid off two-and-a-half years ago and been forced to work 70-80 hours per week to support his family. Now, all that’s changed.

“I can make a living doing a 40-hour week and still see my family,” said Tony. “We’re back,” he concluded.

While the restarting of this blast furnace will mean the return of 500 jobs to the mill, U.S. Steel has also promised to restart the second blast furnace by October, which will see a further 300 jobs brought back to the town.

Screenshot | KSDK News