River treasure hunter pulls up police stun gun from Columbus river bottom

Underwater treasure hunter Jake Koehler is a pro scuba diver, but he doesn’t make his living off of the treasure he finds. Instead, the Columbus, Georgia diving enthusiast and angler earns his keep via his superbly successful YouTube channel, “DALLMYD,” where he shares his treasure hunting adventures with millions of viewers.

While exploring various parts of the Chattahoochee River, Koehler’s finds have made him famous online, and he recently pulled up another super cool find: a police stun gun.


Jake told viewers the super deep, bowl-shaped, dive spot, called Cut Bait, was one of the most dangerous parts of the river, filled with tangled-up fishing line, which could easily tangle up a diver if he’s not careful—fortunately, Jake, a.k.a. “Big Boy,” carries his trusty dive knife which he uses to cut his way free. But it was also a prime place for lost items to be caught … and found!

Cut Bait is also one of the “scariest places to dive” because of the giant catfish that often surprise him whenever he looks up from his scouring on the river bottom.

Jake made a few other finds that anyone would think was pretty nifty, among which was what he thought was a fold-up military compass. And there were the usual sinkers and lures; there was also a detached anchor, a pair of sunglasses, a tube of toothpaste (which was remarkably intact), and the usual bits of trash, which Jake customarily clears out from the river bottom.

But when Koehler caught sight of what looked like a metal bar with the words “police” on one side and “stun gun” on the other, that was definitely the top find for that day’s treasure hunting.

And unlike previous adventures, one where Jake and friends found a pistol, and another where they pulled up an assault rifle, this time round it would seem there was no need to call the cops and turn the treasure in to authorities—it would seem this one was definitely a keeper!

©YouTube Screenshot | DALLMYD