Officers share a popsicle and gift a new pair of shoes to a barefoot child with bloody feet

In a sincere gesture of kindness demonstrated by a couple of police officers in Washington State, not only has a needy young boy received a new pair of shoes, but their act has left an uplifting example of what it means to “protect and serve.”

“Sergeant Modest and Officer Bashful,” as they are referred to in a Facebook post, shared by the Tukwila Police Department, were patrolling Cascade View Park on the afternoon of July 13 when they came across a boy running about without shoes on.

Moreover, the boy’s socks were all torn up, and one of his feet was bleeding from a “decent sized cut.”


The pair approached the boy and offered to treat his cut with their first aid kit. When the officers asked him why he wasn’t wearing shoes, the boy said he had grown out of his last and only pair.

Sergeant Modest had an idea and took off promptly after treating the boy’s cut, leaving Officer Bashful to keep the boy company in the park. It wasn’t long before the sergeant had returned, and he didn’t come back empty handed.

“He came back with not only a pair of shoes, but also with a bunch of popsicles because what isn’t better than a cold popsicle on a hot summer day?”

It was a wonderful encounter, which most likely made the trio’s day.

“The officer helped to tie his new friend’s shoes and they all enjoyed a popsicle together before parting ways.”

Both Sergeant and Officer didn’t want to be recognized for their good deed, so their names have been omitted. We do, however, have the pleasure of witnessing the moment when the boy received his new pair of kicks from the boys in blue.

The heartwarming post has since garnered a multitude of comments from people praising the officers, thanking them for their great service, and for even making them feel uplifted just by learning about their kind deed.

It just goes to show how a simple account of compassion can melt so many hearts.

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