NFL player escorts girl to special-needs prom putting a huge smile on her face and others

High school prom is the day that many students look forward to attending with their partners, and one young girl in Alabama is no exception. Her prom was made extra special thanks to her date for the event—an NFL player.

In April 2018, Lindsey Preston, a young girl with Down syndrome, became the talk of her prom when she showed up with Don Jones II, a football player for San Francisco 49ers.


As it turns out, Lindsey’s mother, Kristi Martin, is close with the 27-year-old athlete’s family.

Martin had asked him last year if he could take Lindsey to the prom, but his schedule didn’t permit it. However, he did tell her that he would the following year, and he kept his word, reported.

“Lindsey always stayed in contact with me and the family,” Jones told WBRC. “Her mother asked me to go to prom with her last year so I told her I would be more than glad to.”

He added that he was happy to attend the prom and enjoyed himself.

“Anything I can do to make some kids smile, I would be more than willing to do,” Jones said. “I think the most fun was all of the guys, I showed the guys about 5 or 6 new dance moves.

“All of the guys followed me around all night and I was just glad I could dance and put smiles on the kids’ faces,” he said.

According to Martin, the prom was attended by 40 teenagers from the county, and when the guests realized that Jones is a celebrity, “everybody wanted to take pictures with him.”

“He danced with all the kids and made them all feel special,” she said.

Watch Jones and Lindsey’s grand entrance to the prom in the video below:

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