Newborn that was found buried alive 20 years ago reunites with the jogger who saved him

Love will always find a way and can never be stopped. A newborn baby boy who was saved by a jogger and her dog after he had been buried in a hole alive was finally reunited with his rescuer 20 years later.

Instead of going dancing, Azita Milanian made the decision to go jogging instead. It was 1998 and Azita was running on the Californian hiking trail in Altadena with her dog, Tango.

All of a sudden, Tango stopped and started digging in the dirt.


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Azita saw two tiny feet sticking out of the ground, which she thought to be those of an animal.

Then, she heard the cries of a baby. From a hole covered with stones and dirt, she lifted out a newborn baby boy, who was wrapped in a blue towel with his umbilical cord still attached.

Azita was shocked and screamed. She told the baby, “Please don’t die,” she relayed to the LA Times. “I will never leave you. I love you.”

Azita’s cell could not pick up a signal so she ran to the nearest road and flagged down a car. The motorist called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Azita cleaned the baby and comforted him while trying to deal with her own emotions on how someone could do such an unspeakable thing to a vulnerable baby.

“He grabbed my wrist and stopped crying. It was very emotional,” Azita told the LA Times in a 98′ interview.

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Thankfully, paramedics arrived and the baby was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital suffering from severe hypothermia. Hospital staff named him “Baby Christian.”

Fortunately, the baby was strong and survived. He was adopted into a loving family. Once he was adopted, Azita had no access to him, but he always stayed in her heart and mind.

Baby Christian, later named Matthew Whitaker, never knew about his tragic start in life. His godmother took it upon herself to tell him the truth.

Despite all police efforts, the mother who abandoned her baby was never found and brought to justice.

Matthew, who is attending college, knew in his heart that he wanted to meet the woman who saved his life to thank her.

Patty Rodriguez read a 1998 Los Angeles Times story of Azita Milanian finding Matthew and took it upon herself to arrange a reunion.

Finally, Patty arranged with Ryan Seacrest, an American radio personality, a meeting in his studio.

When Azita saw Matthew, her tears started falling. It had been 20 years since she rescued the tiny baby and here he was—a young man! She wrapped her arms around him, sobbing. Matthew said to Azita, “thank you, you are an angel.”

Azita said, “Finally, all my dreams came true.”

Matthew and his angel Azita will ensure they keep in touch.

Watch their story of how love transcends all odds:

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