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The Lorax

This movie represents the story of twelve year old boy called Ted who lives in a place where there are no trees, no flowers and the place if fully devoid by nature. That boy lives in the township called Thneedville. He wants to win heart of her dream girl who is Taylor swift in the movie. He does everything so that he can win her heart. The story of this boy is very much adorable and this boy is very sweet when you watch him on big screen. He hunts for truffle tree because that tree is liked by his dream girl .

The movie is quite interesting and you will enjoy this movie with your friends and family. The character of this boy is liked by many people as his acting is superb in the movie. You will certainly love this movie after watching it on big screen. You should go for this movie with popcorn and some chips so that you will enjoy and feel relaxed while enjoying the movie and eating the snacks.

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