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The Internet has captured our world. It is not so bad, because it allows you to search for information, view your favorite movies and tv shows, chat with your friends. Changed and communication between people. Now don't necessarily worry about what you don't have a guy or girl. Just log online, wander through dating sites and find a girl or guy for night entertainment. No one, no one, nothing obliged and both sides remain satisfied. A Kak zhe Lyubov? Perhaps, but not in this situation is to solve those going out on a date after dating on the Internet. Thought and the main characters of the film "novelty", wanting to have fun, but not ready for a serious relationship.

Gabi and Martin after a brief correspondence decide to meet. The meeting goes well, but both the hero understands: that is going according to plan. Involved turns into real feelings, ready to develop into a lasting relationship. Their case is allowed to prove that and online dating can develop into a strong relationship. But heroes ready for such a turn? Destiny will provide them an opportunity to check it out, podkinuv a few hassles that can integrate a loving couple so embroil them forever.

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