Mom touched by officer’s gesture after being stranded with infant when car runs out of gas

Running out of gas while on the road is definitely not a pleasant experience, especially for a mom who has an infant with her. With no other choice, she decided to call the police for help, and what follows next is a surprise for her.

In early July 2018, the Facebook page Heroes America shared a story from an anonymous mom about an encounter she had with a kindhearted police officer and how she came upon the realization that police officers are “normal people just like us.”

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“On my way home from the farmers market this morning, I stop at the shell gas station to get gas,” the mom wrote. “The gas station had no gas.”


With no choice, she quickly drove to another gas station that was two miles down the road. However, before she could get there, her car ran out of fuel. Her baby girl, Myla, was screaming, and the car was getting “insanely hot.”

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“I called a tow company to bring gas and they couldn’t be there for an hour,” she recalled.

While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, she decided to call the police for help and asked to sit in the air-conditioned patrol car.

“Larison, an officer for Kalamazoo Public Safety, arrived and we were able to cool off in her car,” the mom wrote.

What the officer said next took her by surprise.

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The cop told her to call and cancel the tow, then the officer called for a “fellow officer and asked her to bring their gas can.”

“After putting gas in my car, she followed me to the gas station to make sure I got there okay,” she recounted.

The mom also recalled their interaction while inside the officer’s car.

“I asked her if she wanted to hold Myla,” the mom wrote. “I have never seen her smile so big and talk so much!”

The encounter changed the mom’s perspective of law enforcement.

“I got to thinking about all that has been going on with police officers,” she shared. “They aren’t just police officers, they are normal people just like us! These men and women only want to do good, they have hearts too.

“Don’t let the very few who aren’t, be the image you portray for all of them. This is what police officers do. This is why they matter!”

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