Internet expresses outrage at parents seemingly encouraging 8-year-old to speed down highway

The internet is full of hilarious and adorable videos of surprising “drivers” getting behind the wheel. From pets to infants, people love to manipulate the camera to make it appear as if cars are being operated by those who have no business doing so.

While it’s usually nothing more than an adorable stunt, though, this family is being heavily criticized on social media after a video was posted of an 8-year-old speeding down a motorway near the Transylvanian region in Romania—especially since it doesn’t appear to be any kind of a trick.


The video shows a child barely old enough to see over the steering wheel maneuvering down a highway, with the passengers appearing to egg him on with cries of “overtake!” before laughing and promising another chance later.

“We will practice some more, my dear,” a woman is heard saying.

The controversy seems to come from the fact that the young boy doesn’t appear to be only pretending to drive; there aren’t any other hands on the wheel, and the young boy—while still sitting in someone’s lap, who is presumably the one controlling the accelerator—isn’t wearing a seatbelt. To add to the danger, the person controlling the speed seems to push the vehicle up to 75mph.

When the car comes up to a semi-truck, the passengers all egg the boy to “overtake” the massive truck, which only seems to further put the child in danger.

There isn’t much more in terms of information on the internet about the video at the moment, so there’s no confirmation of who the adults in the car are or what kind of consequences they’ll face.

If the internet gets its way, though, the passengers won’t be allowed to get away from this easily.

“They are playing with the lives of others,” someone wrote on Facebook, while another called on the parents to be fined.