Hardworking teen left speechless after coworkers raise money to buy a car for his 19th birthday

Imagine going to work every single day—whether it be in snow, rainfall, or heat—on your bike. Quite tiring, right? But a 19-year-old from Michigan was commuting this way until his co-workers decided to surprise him.

Noah Robinson had an unstable home life, so he left and has been living on his own. Since 2017, he worked at Glastender, a family-owned business that makes bar and restaurant equipment.

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When his co-workers learned that Robinson rides 6.5 miles to work every day and still manages to make it to work on time, they decided to do something special for his 19th birthday—surprise him with a car. With winter soon approaching, a car would keep Robinson safe from trekking through the freezing temperatures.


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Glastender’s owner, Todd Hall, even took Robinson to the DMV to take his driving test. Although he didn’t pass it the first time, he did on the second attempt.

On the day before his birthday, Robinson was presented with the gifts. Co-workers pitched in enough to buy a car and one year of car insurance.

“I was out of words, I was crying,” Robinson told WNEM. “I was happy.”

“It makes me feel like blessed, like I got good people around me,” he added.

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Kimberly Norris, vice president of the company, explained to Mlive that the employees rallied together to help Robinson because he is a dedicated employee.

“I guess what speaks to everybody here is a young person who had the gumption and the wherewithal to do whatever it took to come to work and be here on time,” Norris said. “He just demonstrated a really strong work ethic for someone so young, who may not have always had parents around to guide him or teach him some of those things.”

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“It was nice to be able to do it because I think he now sees that he is a part of our family and he knows we’re going to be there for him,” Dan McGrandy, an engineering tech who was one of those who spearheaded this, told WNEM.

Robinson was appreciative to be able to receive this surprise from his co-workers.

“They’re good to work with, they are really nice people and I really appreciate it,” he said.

Watch his story in the video below:

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