Firefighter’s dramatic body cam footage shows caged dog being rescued during house fire

A dramatic video has emerged from Stockton, California, of quick-thinking firefighters saving a dog enclosed in a backyard metal cage, just next to a shed, which was engulfed in fire.

On the afternoon of June 30, a fire broke out at a two-story home in a residential neighborhood on Chatsworth Circle, Stockton, California.


When firefighters of the Stockton Fire Department arrived on the scene to combat the blaze, the house was blanketed by heavy smoke and massive flames.

Using fire hoses, the firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze as quickly as they could.

Once the flames were under control, however, a shift in wind ignited a fire over the shed.

One firefighter proceeded to break through a fence to access the shed. When he got to the shed, he noticed a dog locked in a backyard metal cage, right next to where the fire was spreading to.

The firefighter put out the fire at the shed quickly while calling out for another colleague to rescue the dog.

“Hey, we got a dog out here,” he said.

The weak-looking dog lay on the ground as the firefighter doused the doghouse with water.

Another firefighter then opened the cage and scooped the dog up to safety.

“This was my parents house,” Cindy Colburn wrote on Stockton Fire Department Facebook. “Thank you for putting your lives on the line by making sure everyone was out of the house & safe bc it could’ve been a different outcome.”

“It’s amazing that with such devastation, you were able to retrieve a box full of old photographs & albums,” she continued. “Thank you Stockton Fire Department!”

Thanks to the firefighters’ quick-thinking actions, no one—human or animal—was injured in the raging blaze.

Watch the video:

Photo credit: Video Screenshot | Stockton Firefighters Local 456.

After the rescuer carries the dog out of the hole it’s stuck in, this is what it does to him