Fable: Mom ignores vendor—then he follows her to the taxi, waving a shiny object

Mother Teresa once said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” Below is a touching story that illustrates this famous quote.

Seema and her 5-year-old daughter boarded a train at the railway station. It was their first trip on a train.

The mother was worried she might lose her daughter, so, she clutched onto her small hand tightly. She then struggled to pass through the crowded train compartments to find their seats.


Illustration – Getty Images | Chris Stowers

As the train began to move, a snack vendor pushed his way through the crowd, attempting to sell snacks to the passengers.

The vendor, clad in tattered clothes, looked poor and destitute. He approached Seema and held up a packet of chips and said, “Only $1, madam.”

Seema looked at the vendor with disdain. She declined to buy the chips from him even though her daughter cried, “Ma, please buy the chips for me…”

Seema told the vendor to move on, but he was still standing there smiling, holding the packet. She got irritated and said angrily, “Go away!”

The vendor humbly obliged, and Seema’s daughter waved him goodbye. He smiled and waved back at the little girl.

Soon, the train arrived at the next station. Just when Seema and her daughter were disembarking the train, they caught sight of the vendor again. He was sitting by the train door.

Illustration – Getty Images | jhorrocks

Seema’s daughter smiled at the vendor, and begged her mother, “Ma, can we give him some money? He looks hungry.”

However, Seema refused to lend him a hand. She kept her daughter away from him, saying: “Just ignore him. He is no good person. He will kidnap little girls and carry them off.”

Seema and her daughter proceeded on their journey after getting off the train.

Illustration – Getty Images | John Aravosis / EyeEm

When they were just a short distance away from the train, they heard a voice calling out to them.

Seema turned back and saw the vendor, who was walking toward them, waving his hand.

“Is he a stalker?” Seema thought. Horrified, she ran as fast as she could, pulling her daughter along.

Illustration – Getty Images | Jorge Fajl

Seema hurriedly waved for a taxi.

As Seema and her daughter got inside the taxi, the vendor caught up and knocked on the taxi door.

Before the taxi took off, the vendor waved a shiny object that caught Seema’s attention. It was her daughter’s bracelet!

©Wikimedia Commons | Vintage Jewellery UK

Seema rolled down the taxi window, and the vendor immediately handed her the bracelet. He said, “Madam, your daughter gave the bracelet to me before getting off that train.”

Then, the vendor took out a pack of chips from his bag, and gave it to the little girl. “It’s for your daughter,” he said.

Seema realized her mistake, but the taxi took off before she could say thank you.

Illustration – Getty Images | Michael Edwards

Though Seema was glad her daughter had such a good heart, she felt ashamed for being prejudiced against the vendor without knowing him.

She learned an important lesson—we shouldn’t judge people based on their appearances or professions. Ironically, her 5-year-old daughter knew that better than she did! Well, just as what pastor Charles R. Swindoll famously said, “Prejudice is a learned trait. You’re not born prejudiced; you’re taught it.”

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