Daughter of fallen trooper receives surprise visit from 39 officers at her graduation ceremony

Police officers often receive mixed emotional reactions from the commoners—some label them with somewhat negative tags while others never forget to praise their bravery and services. This group of men in blue proved that being in the police force is not for benefiting oneself but for serving others.

Thirty-nine police officers from six Indiana police departments showed up at the high school graduation ceremony of the daughter of a fallen officer who died over a decade ago.

On June 2 this year, Lauren Rich graduated from Southwood Junior-Senior High School. Her late father’s police family traveled from all over Indiana to her graduation ceremony to honor their fallen brave comrade and to make the whole event even more memorable for them all.


“Today [Lauren] graduated from high school with 39 of her dads friends, from six police departments, in attendance,” Sgt. Tony Slocum said in his Twitter post. “Congrats Lauren, we promise we will never forget your families sacrifice.”

In 2007, Lauren was just a 7-year-old child when her father Master Trooper Detective Dave Rich was shot on duty while investigating a report of a stranded car in Wabash County, Indiana, reported CBS News.

The viral tweet received many praises from social media users.

©Twitter | Sgt. Tony Slocum @ISPPeru

“CONGRATULATIONS Lauren, I know your father was looking down on you beaming with pride!! Thank you officers for being there for her and stay safe!!!” one social media user replied to Sgt. Slocum’s tweet.

“Congratulations to Lauren and all the officers that showed up to support her….JOB WELL DONE !!!” another said.

According to a report by CBS affiliate WTTV, Sgt. Slocum said that Master Trooper Dave was an “awesome guy” and he would be proud of the “great young lady” his daughter has become.

Lauren and her family will never forget this important day of their lives that became even more meaningful with the presence of these thoughtful officers.

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