Cop sees 3-month-old pulled out from near-fatal car crash and rushes over to sing to him

This heartwarming moment, captured by a FOX 4 photojournalist on camera, portrayed a compassionate side of police officers that the public rarely gets to see.

On May 27, 2018, a family from Michigan was in a near-fatal accident when their Chevy Trailblazer, traveling at a high speed, hit a pothole on the Commerce Street exit from I-35E in Dallas, Texas, and then veered off the road.

©YouTube Screenshot | FOX 4 News – Dallas-Fort Worth

The car overturned, causing the mother, father, and their young children—ages 5, 2, and a 3-month-old—to be trapped inside.


Learning that children were involved in the crash, Dallas police officer Donald Boice responded to the call even though he didn’t need to.

©YouTube Screenshot | FOX 4 News – Dallas-Fort Worth

When Boice arrived on the scene at around 5:00 a.m., he heard the parents screaming, “Please, don’t let my babies die.”

The father sustained a fractured arm and a head injury, while the mother was in need of emergency medical treatment.

Fortunately, all three children were pulled out alive from the vehicle with no serious injuries. Though the kids were unharmed, they were scared stiff.

©YouTube Screenshot | FOX 4 News – Dallas-Fort Worth

Boice, a father of three, quickly stepped forward to comfort 3-month-old Jaxon. He cradled Jaxon and started singing, and as he sang, he swayed and smiled lovingly down at the boy.

Fox 4 News photojournalist Sam Hernandez, who was at the scene, captured this heartwarming moment on camera.

The image soon went viral on social media, with many applauding Boice for showing a compassionate side of police, which the public rarely gets to see.

“That could be my child, too,” Boice told Fox 4. “And I’d want someone treating my child the same way.”

Jaxon’s mom, Tomecia Dodd, was thankful for Boice’s sweet gesture.

“It means the world to me,” Dodd told the Dallas Morning News.

Watch the video:

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