Cop buys a homeless veteran a fresh meal after responding to a 911 call from an upset customer

Sometimes all we need is a little more empathy and love to handle tricky situations. Compassion is indeed an enormous power that not only resolves challenges but also enriches the lives of those who witness its miracles.

Horry County police officer CJ Mullinax responded to a 911 call about a homeless man asking for leftover food at a local Hardee’s on May 26, 2018. But the way the cop reacted moved the staff and many customers.

Instead of removing the downtrodden man, the officer bought the man a fresh meal. Victoria Paige Summer, a Hardee’s employee, video-recorded the incident and posted on Facebook.


“Police were called to our restaurant today because a homeless man was asking people for their scraps to eat. This police officer bought the homeless man food and handled the situation amazingly!” Summer wrote.

She told the local news station WMBF that the homeless man had been visiting the fast food joint for a few days, and the staff had been offering him food. She noted that an upset customer seemed to have called 911 to get the man out.

“I was thrilled that the officer had so much compassion so I thought I should take a video,” Summer told WMBF.

Summer said that the thoughtful officer bought two cheeseburgers for the homeless man.

The 20-second video soon went viral and garnered social media users’ attention. The homeless man in the video was later identified by a local resident as a veteran named Donald.

“He served in the Army from 1978-1981 then got out, worked in construction and then hit a wall which brought him to a point in his life that walked him down the road to homelessness…. his family doesn’t talk to him and he’s the nicest guy,” the local resident Nick Mateo commented on Summer’s video post.

“Donald is a guy who can take a tear and turn it into a smile,” Mateo added.

©Facebook | Victoria Paige Summer

“Nice to read such a good story! Kudos to the officer!” commented another Facebook user.

Many people praised Officer Mullinax’s kind gesture.

“Great job officer!! We need more positive things about police officer! This amazing,” one person said.

“God bless you Officer!!!!! We need more people in the world like you!” another added.

Watch the video below:

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