Teen waitress who lost both parents gets $6,000 surprise tip for braces on late mom’s bday

Teen waitress who lost both parents gets $6,000 surprise tip for braces on late mom’s bday

An orthodontist gave a big tip to one Minnesota teenage waitress, who spent most of her life watching both her parents suffer from illnesses. The teen’s infectious smile and positivity ended up inspiring him.

Joy Hundorf, of Rushford, Minnesota, is an upbeat teenager with a glowing smile.

“She’s got a great smile and she’s so positive,” Holly Ekern, Hundorf’s high school softball coach, told Winona Daily News.

Hundorf kept a positive attitude after losing both her parents.

Her mom succumbed to pulmonary hypertension in April 2015.

And sadly, her father, diagnosed with dementia, passed away around Christmas in 2016.

To support herself, she works as a waitress at Stumpy’s Restaurant and Bar, while pursuing her studies.

On July 23, 2017, Hundorf went to work at Stumpy’s, not knowing someone had a big surprise in store for her.

After serving a couple of tables, Hundorf received a special tip from Grant Collins, an orthodontist who was doing an engagement party for his employee.

“Is for me?” she enthused.

©YouTube Screenshot | Collins Orthodontics

She gasped in surprise seeing the message on the tip: “Guess who won free braces? See you soon! Dr. C.”

Turned out Collins staged the engagement party to present Hundorf the $6,000 worth of braces, which she won through an Instagram contest with Collins Orthodontics.

©YouTube Screenshot | Collins Orthodontics

The surprise arrived at the right time for Hundorf, because that day transpired to be her late mom’s birthday.

“We never had the money for it (braces), so I think it was almost more of a sign that my mom was giving me a present on her birthday,” Hundorf told ABC 6 News.

©YouTube Screenshot | Collins Orthodontics

Collins was inspired by Hundorf, who wears an infectious smile despite everything she has gone through.

“Smile is a universal language,” Collins said.

No matter what life throws at you, keep smiling, like Hundorf!

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