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HubSpot 2023 Releases: Improved UX for Business Professionals

HubSpot's November 2023 releases include a range of updates that are designed to improve the user experience for business professionals. Deal pipeline rules, improved funnel reporting, allowing prospects to add guests to meetings and more have been released. Here is a summary of the updates specifically for managers:

  • Deal pipeline rules (beta) – Ensure data integrity, support better reporting and enable more accurate stage-driven workflows by controlling your pipeline with the new deal pipeline rules.
  • Scheduling pages allow additional guests in meetings (beta) – All necessary meeting attendees can now quickly receive a calendar invitation by prompting customers or prospects to include up to 10 additional attendees when booking time on a scheduling page calendar.
  • Custom funnel report builder supports optional/skip stages and more objects (beta) – Create more accurate conversion rates with the new options and additional objects included in the new custom funnel report builder.
  • View purchased products on the contact or company record (beta) – Eliminate the need for opening all associated deals to note which products your customers purchased by using the new Product History card in the middle panel of the contact or company record.
  • Subscriptions can collect or refund a prorated amount for mid-term changes (beta) – Easily adjust subscriptions based on the needs of unique buyers with less friction, as HubSpot subscriptions can now collect or refund a prorated amount for that term when the subscriptions change.
  • Social media publishing supports more tags and mentions – Boost social media engagement by using the new features to tag Instagram profiles in photos and reels and mention LinkedIn personal profiles when scheduling posts in HubSpot.
  • Commenting improvements for live updates and permissions – Collaborate more effectively with your team, as comments inside of HubSpot now load in real time and commenters will now be prevented from @-mentioning a user if the user does not have permission to view the item being discussed.
  • CRM email permissions for in-HubSpot privacy (beta) – Increase privacy and security for your teams and for customer information using the new release to limit user viewing permissions on CRM (non-marketing) emails on contact records.
  • Mobile updates for forecasts and contact assignment notifications (beta) – Make informed decisions away from your computer with the HubSpot mobile app, which allows you to submit and check sales forecasts for all pipelines and now allows a push notification to reps’ phones when they are assigned a new contact.
  • Slack integrations support email, WhatsApp and forms inbox channels – Prevent your team from missing important customer messages by using the Slack integration to connect to HubSpot inboxes, including alerts about emails, WhatsApp messages and form submissions sent to the inbox.
  • Increase playbook usage with the “recommended enablement” CRM card – Help your team remember to use playbooks, as a “recommended enablement” card can be added prominently to the center panel of records such as deals or contacts.
  • Additional conditional property options (beta) – Improve reporting data quality and your team’s data-entry experience with these conditions for showing specific property values being enforced in all places inside the CRM.
  • New call analytics and call review features – View and analyze all HubSpot call data in one place, coach your team more efficiently and accurately using the redesigned call review screen and listen to calls at a new 1.25 speed.

These updates from HubSpot are designed to improve the user experience for business professionals. Deal pipeline rules, improved funnel reporting, allowing prospects to add guests to meetings and more have been released. Managers can benefit from increased data accuracy, improved collaboration, increased privacy and security, and more.

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