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Exploring CDPs: 10 SME Articles from 2023

Year's end is the perfect time to reflect on the lessons learnt in the last 12 months. MarTech has put together a list of the 10 most popular articles by their SMEs from 2023 on the topic of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). CDPs are a key technology for businesses, and these articles provide valuable insight into their use and how organisations can benefit from them.

Jeremy Brugger's article explored how Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands can use first-party data to drive ongoing marketing Return on Investment (ROI). Craig Howard and Craig Schinn's articles addressed the facts and fiction surrounding composable CDPs and the differences between composable and packaged CDPs respectively. Greg Krehbiel's article looked at the limitations of real-time CDP use cases, while Tony Byrne's explored customer data debt as a hidden obstacle to CDP success. Jason Ward looked at 4 CDP strategies to unlock the power of first-party data, Apoorv Durga explored the pros and cons of using a data warehouse as a CDP, and Tony Byrne debunked the CDP connector myth. Finally, Alicia Arnold provided 3 points to consider before implementing a CDP.

These articles provide a comprehensive overview of the considerations businesses should account for when exploring CDPs. Whether it's understanding composable CDPs, utilising first-party data, or resolving customer data debt, these articles are invaluable resources to help technology-savvy business professionals make informed decisions about CDPs.

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