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     Laughter is the best medicine, even in this day and age of technological and medicinal advancements. Sometimes nothing can beat the appeal of a good old laughter fit, especially if it is shared with friends. One of the benefits of having an internet connection that is seldom talked about is the avenues of humour it has opened. No matter what your cup of tea in humour is, the internet has it all. Whenever you are looking for a good laugh, no matter what kind of topics make you laugh, the internet has just the right dose of laughter therapy for you.

     This is why we are here. Smiles TV keeps you up to date with the best of the best of humour that the internet has to offer. We feature everything from cat videos and pictures, to the early vintage memes, to text posts, and everything that comes out by the second. We have a vast and varied range of funny pictures that are updated religiously every day. Our collection will always be there to save the day whenever you are bored in a meeting, a waiting room, or looking for something to put a smile on your face before you go to sleep.

     Our website is a directory of everything funny the internet has ever published. It has a little something for every age group, every sense of humour, and everyone who wants to laugh. We leave no man behind. Whether it is the classic vines, baby videos, people falling over, children throwing food over themselves, or cats being scared or grumpy, or dogs being their pure and genuine selves. Smiles TV caters to all preferences and moods.

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     What Smiles TV has tried to do is create a platform that you can visit in times of sadness, boredom, and excitement. If you ever feel your day is too dry for you, all you have to do is make one visit to our website and that is all you will need to pick yourself up. So if you are looking for a library of pictures and videos that are from the most recent to the oldest classics, Smiles TV is the place for you.

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     Perhaps the best thing about laughter therapy is that it goes on. If you share it with one person, you will for sure be able to see the effect of laughter therapy spread. If you find something funny, you can send it to all your loved ones, make a good impression, use as a conversation starter, make cards and emails, or just use it to brighten someone’s day. The uses of funny pictures and videos are infinite. They come to you at no cost at all, brightening your day and giving you happiness that can be passed on. Smiles TV allows you to make your day at no cost at all, with no added effort, and an entire world of funny pictures and videos of all genres and types for you to browse through endlessly. Smile TV is your happy place on the internet, your one stop website  for entertainment.