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Creating AI-Driven Solutions: Our Journey with MarTechBot

We launched MarTechBot in April with the aim of creating the first generative AI chatbot designed specifically for marketing technology professionals. Since then, the bot has engaged in over 600 conversations with marketers, answering questions, making recommendations and generating content based on their prompts. We categorised each conversation by purpose (question, request for a recommendation or generative/creation task) and a central theme to gain a better understanding of how the bot is being used. Our analysis revealed that generative/creation tasks account for nearly half of all conversations, with marketers asking questions and seeking recommendations for the rest. The top five themes of conversations are marketing, customer data platforms, marketing technology platforms, industry and marketing operations. We identified and classified over 50 themes, highlighting the breadth of opportunities and challenges marketers face. Moving forward, MarTechBot has the potential to transform how marketers strategise, execute and achieve their goals. We are actively addressing its limitations to ensure more accurate responses. Try MarTechBot now and get MarTech! Daily in your inbox.

Originally reported by Martech:
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