A Swedish Bodybuilding Gardener Becomes a Japanese Citizen, and the Whole Country Is Going Crazy Over Him

Japan is a place where many people start their fashion careers. Creative people come to this country and take what they’ve learned to Europe where they ultimately expand their career — but this story is the absolute opposite.

Bright side has collected a few facts about this guy who gave up his Swedish citizenship to live in Japan and work as a gardener.

Changing his name

This man’s name is Jakob Sebastian Björk, a common name for boys worldwide. Now he has a new name that sounds a bit more interesting: Tatsumasa Murasame.

This new name is inspired by the Japanese word for “passing shower” (murasame), the word “dragon” (Tatsu), and of course, his master’s name, Masa. Masa is the one who gave Jakob this new name.

A love for Japan

Tatsumasa has had an interest in Japanese culture and traditions since he was a teenage boy. During high school, his friend invited him to visit Japan. Tatsumasa accepted the invitation, spent 3 months in Yokohama and left his heart there.

The next time he visited Japan was after graduating, and he decided to stay there forever. To move to Japan he gave up his Swedish citizenship since according to law, Japan forbids dual citizenship.

All he needs is a pair of scissors.

Tatsumasa has been studying gardening for 5 years in the region called Chubu. He got the idea to do this during his visit to the Adachi Museum of Art. The young man was absolutely impressed by the way the Japanese worked with landscapes.

In the spotlight

Murasame became well known after the user @kuroda_xxx posted his photo. The post said the man was Swedish, liked gardening, was amazingly good looking and had a cool name given to him by his master. The post was nothing groundbreaking, but it became viral very quickly.


You saw it with your own eyes. Murasame is a competitive bodybuilder. He also lives a healthy lifestyle and likes to be surrounded by nature as much as he can.

A modern star

Among everything else, Murasame does modeling in his free time. He also took part in a number of TV-shows including the famous More Japanese Than a Japanese Person, where participants perform different challenges.

The mission

Murasame’s main goal is to show the art of gardening to the world along with the positive aspects of Japanese culture. Japanese gardens will always be Murasame’s one and only passion.


Let’s take a moment to enjoy this beauty, shall we?

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