A Jealous Baby Can’t Stop Crying When Its Parents Kiss

It’s a fact: children get envious and jealous sometimes. Especially when they are little and experience a lack of attention. Oftentimes it happens with siblings, but sometimes love between parents can affect little ones in strange ways too.

Smiles Tv wants to tell you about little Ella, a baby who became famous on social media because of her cute tinge of jealousy.

Baby Ella

The video of this little lady crying has reached more than 4 million viewers after her dad, Matt Hanneken had uploaded it on youtube. We all know that babies are cute and their videos have the potential to go viral, but the secret here is a little less obvious. Ella is not just a cute baby, she is a baby whose feelings get hurt very easily.

What happened?

Don’t worry, nothing serious had happened to Ella — 2 people just kissed. But those 2 people were Ella’s parents and the fact that they kissed without her upset little Ella, so she started crying.

The most interesting thing about this is that the moment her parents kissed her, Ella absolutely forgot about the tears. And then again, she cried when her parents kissed each other.

An emotional roller coaster

Ella’s parents repeated this trick 3 times in the video and her reaction was a little bit different each time. The first time they kissed, Ella seemed confused and it took her some time to understand what was going on and then she started crying. The second time, she just whined a little and burst into tears immediately after the third.

Lack of attention

The caption to the video says, “Our baby girl got very sad when Mommy and Daddy shared a kiss in front of her. She’s jealous for sure!”

And this is most likely the truth: Children this young need all the attention they can get. That means you can’t look in another direction without talking, spending time together, or kissing each other!

But do all these kinds of videos have real viral potential? Well, looks like it.

Not long ago, another video with 2 twins getting fed by their mom went viral too. Guess what? They were a little bit jealous, crying when the other one was being fed.

Have you seen another funny/cute video with jealous babies? Which ones do you like the most? Does your baby get jealous sometimes? Share with us in the comments below!