An Indonesian Artist Reveals Wild Feelings That Live Inside Each of Us, and the Truth Is Appalling

The popularity of the Indonesian artist Mimi N is growing rapidly. As part of the SUN Project, she illustrates destructive emotions and feelings that many people are ashamed to admit, not just to others but even to themselves.

Smiles Tv introduces the works of this talented artist to you. She is quite accurate in showing the subtleties of human behavior. Take a look at some of her newest work.

1. Every little thing you say

2. Illusion

3. Comfort me.

4. Procrastination

5. Soulmate

6. Get used to it.

7. Doctrine

8. Downfall

9. Compare

10. Lust

11. Tears

12. Heartstrings

13. Regret

14. Jealousy

15. Talking to myself

16. Amazing

17. Bipolar

18. I need your help.

19. Loved, and then...

20. Numb

21. A good child

22. Victim

23. I’m home.

24. Behind your back

25. My true love

26. Don’t do it!

What do you think, could Mimi N express deep feelings in their entirety?