8 Questions About the Royal Family That Keep Bothering Everyone

The world is watching the British royal family just as much as they watch Hollywood stars and famous athletes. And despite the fact they are friendly and public, people still have a lot of questions for this unusual family.

We at Smiles Tv decided to answer some of them and offer you a chance to find out something interesting about the British royal family right now.

1. Why don’t couples in the Royal Family hold hands?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the day of their engagement announcement in November 2017 and in July 2018, 2 months after their wedding.

Many royal couples don’t hold each other’s hands in public or do it very rarely. For example, Prince William and his wife and even Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philippe don’t hold hands often. More than that, the Queen always walks a little bit in front of her husband. Of course, there are no official prohibitions for holding hands, but the couples demonstrate their values in this way.

Before the wedding, Prince Harry appeared in public with his fiancée Meghan Markle holding hands and hugging her. By doing this, he was showing support for his future wife. After their marriage, they’ve kept their distance especially during events and important meetings.

But still, it’s up to the couple. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla sometimes hold hands in public. And it also depends on the status of the event: the higher the status, the stricter the protocol.

2. Why does the Queen miss some important family events?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II always attends all the important events of her family. More than that, despite her age, she continues to meet with politicians from all around the world.

But the Queen didn’t appear at her grandson Louis’s christening. Why? Is the Queen going to retire? It’s highly unlikely now, but maybe she is making room for the young members of the family? Louis is unlikely to ever become King, so his grandmother’s presence is not really that important. Besides, Queen Elizabeth II has a lot of other important meetings and events to attend. But you can still find the Queen in this picture: behind the backs of the relatives, is her portrait on the wall.

3. The Queen is 92 years old. Who becomes the next King?

Speaking of the Queen’s retirement, according to the people who are close to the Queen, Elizabeth II will never abdicate. First, she is very religious, and second, she still remembers her uncle’s abdication which caused major damage to her family and her father.

According to the Act of Settlement, the power should go from the Queen to her next successor — her son Charles. And despite the fact that the people love her grandson William more, there is no way that he would become King before Charles, unless, of course, Charles decides to abdicate. But he is unlikely to do that. Rumor has it that the Queen is going to rule until the age of 95 and then her son will become Regent. Regency allows a monarch to find a substitution for them when their health is not good enough to fulfill their duties.

4. How many successors are there?

The Succession to the British throne includes 55 people and it looks like this.

The first is Prince Charles. His son Prince William is after him, then his children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Prince Harry is sixth in the line of succession, followed by Prince Andrew — Elizabeth’s second son, then his daughters Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie. Then, Prince Edward, his children James and Lady Louise. They are followed by Princess Anne, her children, and grandchildren. Also the descendants of the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret: her son David, daughter Sarah, and their grandchildren. The last ones in line are the rest of the descendants of the British royal family.

5. Why did Kate leave the hospital so quickly after giving birth?

After giving birth to her third baby, Prince Louis, Kate only spent a total of 7 hours in the hospital. She appeared to be in a great mood and had her hair and makeup done before she spoke to journalists. But many people wondered: why such a rush?

There are several factors to consider. First, in Great Britain young mothers are not kept in the maternity ward for a long time: on average, British women go home 36 hours after labor. Second, when a hospital is surrounded by a crowd of photographers, reporters, and curious people, it’s hard for a young mother to have a calm recovery.

By the way, there is an unspoken rule in the Royal family that a couple should try to have at least 2 children. For the past 50 years, it had been like that, but Prince William’s family broke the tradition because they have 3 children.

And one more interesting thing, the clothes they wear in public are chosen very carefully. When Kate had her first child, Prince George, her dress looked similar to the dress of Princess Diana after she had her first baby, Prince William in 1982. After Catherine gave birth to Louis, she wore a red dress with a white collar just like when little Harry was born in 1984.

6. Does the Queen have pets?

The Royal Family in Scotland, in the 60s.

The Queen loves corgis. When she was just 7 years old, she got her first dog. When Elizabeth got a little older, she had a dog named Susan. Since then, the Queen has been breeding corgis and keeping the next generations. She has given some of the dogs to her relatives but she has never sold them. Elizabeth II has had about 30 corgis.

Her dog Willow was a descendant of Susan and very recently the Queen had to put him to sleep. She doesn’t breed corgis anymore, and Willow was her last connection to her parents and her childhood and his death made a severe impact on her. Now she still has one corgi that she adopted and 2 dogs of a different breed.

7. What do Princes William and Harry do?

Prince William is a military pilot — he has always been interested in a military career but because he is the second successor to the throne, he can’t really serve in dangerous areas. He has also worked as a paramedic.

Prince Harry also has a military education and he even served in Afghanistan for some time. Now both of them only have the royal duties that they fulfill together with their wives: they make official visits, go to exhibitions and sporting events, take part in charity events, and so on.

8. Where do the Queen and the family get their money from?

The Royal Family has a so-called personal income: the money from investments and from private estates. Also, the Windsor’s have the money they have been collecting for centuries, including jewelry, fine art, and villas — all these things make money.

The government pays money to the Queen and Prince Charles for fulfilling the Royal duties and the Queen pays income taxes. By the way, the Buckingham Palace, her collection of paintings, and some of her jewelry doesn’t personally belong to the Queen, but to the monarchy itself.

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