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5 Ways a CDP Can Help Establish Customer Trust in Data

It's clear that businesses need to prioritize customer trust and data privacy, and a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a great way to do just that. In this article, we discuss five key ways a CDP can help establish trust in data with customers - from reducing risk from siloed data to enabling operational efficiency and business agility, to offering customers transparency and control over their data. A CDP also provides the ultimate customer experience by allowing brands to better understand customer behavior and preferences through a single customer view, enabling real-time engagement on any channel based on customer preferences.

Pew Research Center recently found that 81% of the public say that the potential risks they face because of data collection by companies outweigh the benefits, and 79% of consumers are concerned about how companies use the data collected. It’s essential that businesses create an environment of trust through data privacy in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

To learn more about how a CDP can benefit your business and create an environment of trust and data privacy, check out the e-book, In Data We Trust. Here, you can discover how a CDP can help you obtain customer trust through privacy-driven personalization, and how you can use a vendor-neutral, real-time CDP to collect trusted customer data from all touchpoints to produce a 360 view of your customers.

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