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Uncovering the Deeper Purpose: Authentic Brand Building for Marketers

Uncomfortable questions, unexpected answers: The marketer’s quest for meaning

As technology-savvy business professionals, we understand the importance of delving deeper and looking beyond the surface level. Just as visiting a doctor who only treats symptoms without addressing the underlying cause is absurd, it is equally absurd for brands to approach marketing in a superficial manner.

A true marketer asks uncomfortable questions that reveal hidden truths. These questions may make clients squirm, but they are crucial in connecting a brand with its audience. They go beyond the products or services a brand offers and uncover its core values and purpose.

Consider brands like Patagonia and Dove. They don’t just sell outdoor gear or beauty products, but they also advocate for important causes and redefine beauty standards. This deep connection with their values has resulted in strong consumer loyalty and brand trust.

However, giving in to short-term pressures and focusing solely on profits can harm a brand in the long run. It is crucial to keep the brand's identity and values at the forefront, instead of prioritizing Wall Street, management, and constant growth.

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Building a successful brand takes time, deliberation, and a steadfast commitment to the 'why'. It requires strong self-awareness and acknowledging our quirks instead of hiding them. The most successful people leverage their unique strengths to create their own paths.

This is not about oversharing, but about strategic vulnerability. It's about showing your audience what makes you tick, what you stand for, and what you're working on. This transparency fosters trust, loyalty, and a sense of partnership with your audience.

As a father to an autistic son and a professor, I have learned from diverse neurodiverse students that the best outcomes often defy societal expectations. This is a reminder that traditional environments and structured expectations may not lead to success for everyone. It's important to take control of our own paths and refuse to settle for environments that do not align with our values and goals.

For brands, authenticity is key. Consumers can easily see through insincerity and are drawn to brands that are transparent and genuine. This means ditching glossy brochures and instead owning up to mistakes, being honest about practices, and delivering on promises.

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3 steps to authentic brand building

To build an authentic brand, I have developed a methodology called "Branding in Three Steps." This methodology involves three essential steps: identity, intention, and implementation. These steps should be applied twice, first to yourself and then to your brand or company.

1. Identity

Identity is the raw, messy core of who you are, made up of your values, passions, and experiences. It's not about creating a marketable persona, but about peeling back the layers and uncovering your true self.

2. Intention

Once you have a clear sense of your identity, it's important to ask yourself why. What is your purpose, and what legacy do you want to leave behind? Intention is not a vague ambition, but a driving force that channels your identity into purposeful action.

3. Implementation

The final step is implementation, which is the bridge between intention and impact. It involves taking action and constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. This is about forging your own path and building a brand that aligns with your values and goals.

Uncovering your deeper purpose as a marketer

When we align our actions with our core values, we become more than just cogs in a machine. We become engaged, influential contributors, whether as employees or entrepreneurs.

After applying this methodology to ourselves, we can then apply it to our brands. It's important to remember that there is no perfect place that has everything figured out. It's up to us to create our own paths and build a brand that resonates with our souls.

Remember, profit is not the destination, but a byproduct of a journey fueled by a deeper purpose. When we focus on building an authentic brand, the profits will naturally follow through consistent and memorable implementation.

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