30+ Crazy Things Most of Us Haven’t Seen Before

Have you ever seen what the inside of an ice-cave looks like? Or the inside of a tree right after a storm? Or even monks carrying Nirvana merchandise? In this collection, we have it all. Funny, beautiful, and unique photographs that are completely worth a look.

We at Bright Side would like to share this spectacular collection with you that will leave you speechless, the only thing you need to do is scroll through.

1. Close-up image of a ladybug right after the rain

2. An ice cave during the sunset

3. The world’s tallest bus

4. Long exposure photo of fireflies in Japan

5. A tree right after a storm

6. The beauty of nature right before a storm

7. This is Jake — the world’s tallest horse

8. Jupiter inspired cake

9. Croatians welcoming their soccer team

10. Factory workers protesting in Italy

11. Perfectly Timed

12. This is a concert stage in Norway.

13. Rainbow Mountain in Peru

14. Real-life Rapunzel

15. This beautiful snake with a ghost on its head

16. “Evil” person helping a homeless man

17. Site-specific sculpture in the woods

18. Monks with Nirvana merchandise

19. What the inside of an aerial firework looks like:

20. A 1,625-year-old Bonsai

21. What’s left of a stolen bicycle:

22. Creatively constructed bookcase

23. Watermelon Bentley

24. Nicolas Cage shower curtain

25. This swan looks like it has 2 heads.

26. Meanwhile, during a flight, someone got into a plastic bag.

27. A fire that looks like a dragon

28. Trees growing upside-down

29. Cat gazing out at the ocean

30. Wooden table that was lit on fire to highlight the wood grain

31. 60 drops of water on a coin

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Preview photo credit Eezqu / reddit, SilentBoof / reddit