26 Photos Showing Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Scientists have studied demographic data from several tragic periods in history and concluded that women live longer than men even in severe conditions. The causes of these many strange situations are still unknown. One of the theories explaining this phenomenon says that it’s because men are twice as likely as women to take risks — and this article is the best evidence of that.

Smiles Tv has collected 26 photos proving that saying, “be careful” doesn’t work with men no matter where they are — at home, on vacation, or at a construction site. Take a look at these and never try any of them at home.

26. When your survival instinct sleeps and doesn’t want to wake up:

25. “No need to clock out, this will just take a second.”

24. We hope everything’s under control...

23. No, it’s not the 1st floor...

22. When you’re just tired of those dirty windows:

21. Protect your hair first.

20. “A photo taken from the 33rd floor, no safety precautions”

19. Better than stairs

18. Recklessness and courage

17. Somebody needs a rotating equipment safety course.

16. “This is me hanging out above Shanghai.”

15. “Goggles? Who needs them?”

14. Riding around the trailer at 80 mph — no seat, no harness

13. At least it looks stylish.

12. True heavy metal

11. Who needs multiple trucks if you have a pickup?

10. Who needs pickups if you have a tiny trailer?

9. “Don’t worry, we’re here.”

8. No worries at all

7. We hope he knows what he’s doing.

6. A man-selfie

5. “I plunged into work this morning.”

4. Security level: a plastic bag

3. “Just saw this guy driving down the freeway during rush hour.”

2. “Unsecured grating 9 in wide over a 25 ft pit — we’ve been using it this way for years.”

1. When you want to speed it up:

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Preview photo credit unknown user/ imgur, NexGenCN/ imgur