26 Photos Showing the New Level of Absurdity

It can be very rare for us to come across completely absurd sights on a daily basis. But when we do find something this weird and inexplicable, we rush to take a photo of it because it feels like this is a once in a lifetime occurrence. Have you ever seen a cone trying to fit in? Or a tire converted into a hot tub? Or a drawn image of a fan that works as a placebo?

In this collection, Smiles Tv has gathered some very interesting photographs that will make you question the logic behind them and not believe your own eyes!

1. This person trying to fit a few balloons in their tights, because, why not?

2. Trying to fit in

3. That’s one way to get Bluetooth.

4. Meanwhile, in Paris, we have Le Bikquette

5. Now we know what kind of sandwich he likes to eat.

6. “Trying to appear muscular for my friends.”

7. The Bean Queen

8. When you like archery way too much:

9. But why?

10. When you are constantly hungry and you take your fridge everywhere:

11. He pissed off the wrong girl.

12. His Uncle Ben just died.

13. When it’s too hot in the classroom and drawing a fan to cool down seems like a good idea:

14. When we can’t decide which personality to put on that day, and we end up with all of them:

15. DIY Halloween costume

16. Chillin’ in the trunk doing shots

17. Banana heads

18. That is one innovative hot tub.

19. Lifehack that keeps both your hat and pants in place

20. This gluten superhero

21. A kid wearing armor made of blazers

22. When you love pizza so much that you want to put it everywhere in your house:

23. The Kitchen Ninja

24. Tooth fairy is that you?

25. Conspiracy theorists were right, aliens are way taller than us.

26. Coney, the traffic coordinator

What is the most absurd thing you’ve ever seen in your life? Have you taken a picture of it? And what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in your life? Please let us know in the comments below and share your experiences with absurdity too.