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"Quick Wins with Marketing Automation: Welcome Emails & More"

Marketing automation can provide many benefits to businesses, allowing marketers to speed up processes and increase efficiency. While implementing comprehensive marketing automation solutions can take time and planning, there are some quick wins that can be achieved with small changes. These include updating welcome emails, sending helpful meeting reminders, requesting specific feedback, adding personalized events, and sending no-show follow-ups. Welcome emails are a great opportunity to introduce a company and its brand to new customers and subscribers, and can have an 85% higher open rate than other emails. Meeting reminders are also helpful for customers and prospects, and giving them the chance to choose an agenda can reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Asking for specific feedback on the sales experience is also important, and should be tracked so that the right action can be taken. Personalized events, such as company anniversaries and National Dog Day, are also a fun way to surprise and delight customers, creating good will for a brand. Finally, if a customer fails to show up to a meeting, automation can be used to follow up and rectify the situation.

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