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"Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Updates to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights"

Today, Microsoft announced exciting updates to its Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform, incorporating AI-powered features to enhance the management and maintenance of marketing projects and campaigns. This move puts Microsoft in direct competition with other CRM giants like Salesforce and HubSpot. However, unlike these companies, Microsoft does not intend for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to handle all marketing functions. Instead, they are focusing on providing a platform for others to create tools for, as stated by Lori Lamkin, Microsoft's co-vice president of Dynamics 365 Customer Experience Applications. The platform's new features allow marketers to input their campaign goals in natural language or upload a pre-made creative brief. From there, a project board is automatically generated, taking into account the organization's data and past campaigns in Customer Insights. This feature simplifies and connects all the necessary steps for creating and managing marketing assets. One of the most exciting additions is the integration of Typeface, a powerful AI application that generates and selects images to match a brand's identity. These images can be created and edited within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, ensuring that all content aligns with the organization's brand guidelines. This update is a significant step in Microsoft's use of AI to assist customers in their marketing efforts. According to Lamkin, the company's previous AI efforts focused on providing content, summaries, and recommendations to help with daily tasks. With these new features, Microsoft is taking it a step further by streamlining the entire workflow of marketing campaigns and achieving customer outcomes. The new features will be available in the third quarter of this year at no additional cost. To stay updated on the latest in marketing technology, be sure to subscribe to MarTech Daily for free.

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