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Ruth Stevens is a B2B marketing expert with a unique career path that combines her love for education with her passion for technology. She stumbled into the world of B2B marketing while teaching English in Japan and eventually found her way to top companies like Ziff Davis and IBM, where she honed her skills in database marketing. One of the constants in Ruth's career has been her love for teaching, which has taken her to universities all over the world. But her experience in marketing has also given her valuable insights into the ever-changing landscape of B2B marketing. In a recent interview, Ruth shared her journey into marketing and the changes she's seen in the industry, including the shift from lead generation to demand generation. She emphasized the importance of understanding the changing buying behavior of customers, particularly the impact of digital natives on the B2B market. Ruth also addressed the criticism that B2B marketers don't focus enough on brand building and awareness. She believes that while the methods may have changed with the rise of digital platforms, the function of brand building is still crucial in B2B marketing. Customers need to thoroughly research a company before making a purchase, and it's up to marketers to provide them with the necessary information. Looking towards the future, Ruth is excited about the potential of AI in B2B marketing, although she acknowledges that it can be overwhelming. She's also looking forward to the return of in-person events after a challenging year due to COVID-19. However, she does have concerns about the dominance of vendor events in the B2B space, which may lack objectivity compared to professional associations and trade organizations. Overall, Ruth's expertise in marketing and technology, combined with her passion for education, make her a valuable resource for any business professional looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing.

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