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"Creating a Knowledge Base for Marketing Work Management"

Marketing work management tools can benefit an organisation in many ways, from increased productivity to better remote team management. However, for these benefits to be achieved, team members must be familiar with how to use the tools correctly. Building a knowledge base is essential to ensure that everyone is able to use the tools to their fullest potential. Here are some tips on what should be included in a marketing work management knowledge base.

Firstly, it is important to have guidelines on when to use the marketing work management tool instead of other tools. Communications related to projects should usually be done within the work management tool, so it is important to have instructions on how to handle updates that come in through other channels. Guidelines on how a task or project can be initiated should also be included, broken down by channel, such as email, Slack/Teams, meetings or request forms.

The knowledge base should also have instructions on who can create a project and change key project information. It is also beneficial to set up naming conventions for projects and tasks, as this can help to make team members more productive by quickly understanding what kind of task they are dealing with. Finally, processes should be documented in the system, including guidelines on documenting work in task descriptions, when to comment on the project level and how to move a project to the 'Archived' folder once complete.

Creating a knowledge base for your marketing work management system is essential for the success of the tool, and these tips can help you get started.

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