21 Sights That Can Wake You Up Better Than Coffee

Studies have revealed that between what we hear and what we see, our brain will choose to believe what we have seen any day. Behold some refreshing sights that your brain will probably struggle to believe are real.

At Smiles Tv, the process of collecting the below pictures was like watching a thriller movie, each shot exciting all of us. See for yourself if they have the same effect on you.

1. The road less traveled?

2. Praying the roof doesn’t fall off

3. Peek-a-booooo!

4. One of those nightmares

5. When you feel like screaming NOOOO!

6. IT is here!

7. Is she even human?

8. I told you that was a bad idea.

9. Correct yourself when you use the word “cute” for penguins.

10. Tell me this is a prank, please.

11. I think I’ll wear my slippers today.

12. Oh no. What are you doing?

13. You could call it creepy.

14. You never want to wake up to this.

15. An engineer’s nightmare

16. Set it on fire?

17. No thank you!

18. Would you walk by this?

19. The mohawk with a twist

20. I think I’ll fast today.

21. Reptile invasion

With your hands covering your eyes, which one freaked you out the most? Please share with us in the comments below.