20 Historical Photos That Show How Tempting the Fashion of the Past Could Be

There’s an old saying that goes, “Fashion is fleeting, but style is eternal.” Just because an outfit has a few years on it, doesn’t mean it stopped looking good. Plenty of old trends have aged so well that you might wonder if it’d be a good idea to try them out yourself!

We at Smiles Tv love history and fashion, so we’re combining both of them for our list of some of the hottest fashions from the past.

1. Barefoot in the park never looked so good.

2. English supermodel, Sabrina, chose an interesting outfit to wear to a press conference.

3. These hot pants don’t leave much to the imagination.

4. Tell the Little Mermaid to eat her heart out!

5. All Josephine Baker needed was her smile.

6. Girls just wanna have fun.

7. Actress Elsa Martinelli is ready for a fashion show.

8. The comfort of a sweater and the convenience of a dress…

9. Bell-bottom jeans need to make a comeback.

10. Actress Kim Novak looks like a fairy princess in lavender.

11. Just because you crossed a stream doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Just ask Sophia Loren!

12. It’s a shame modern swimsuits don’t have matching hats.

13. Every girl needs to unleash her inner-flapper every now and then.

14. Gold always keeps you sparkling.

15. Even a sweater can become the height of fashion.

16. Even when boarding a plane, there is a chance to strike a pose.

17. This should put an end to the rumors that blondes can’t wear yellow.

18. With a little imagination, anything can be a dress.

19. Just because you’re sunbathing doesn’t mean you have to dress down.

20. Double the models…double the fun!

What are some other historic fashion trends you wish would come back? Do you have any special photos of them you’d like to share? Please let us know in the comments!