17 Photos Showing Ordinary Things From Another Perspective

There are things and creatures we’ve gotten used to seeing over time like turtles, tires, bowling balls, and even cacti. Whether they look stunning or boring, we may not pay any special attention to them because we’re sure we know what they look like. But what if we tried to look at ordinary things like these from a different angle? Turns out, things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Smiles Tv has collected 17 very extraordinary shots of some fairly common objects. You’ll probably be surprised by many of these!

1. Marijuana that looks like a piece of a fairytale forest

2. We’d never have guessed that these were simple raindrops on a car!

3. A turtle’s skeleton looks absolutely empty inside.

4. In case you’re wondering, it’s the inside of a professional bowling ball.

5. This stunning masterpiece is called a Fresnel lens, and it’s sort of a “lighthouse light bulb”.

6. Well, this is not how we imagined the inside of a cactus to look.

7. If you thought all golf balls were the same, here’s a surprise for you:

8. The surface of a different planet on tree bark

9. From a bird’s-eye view, these tires look too tiny to be real.

10. If you look closely at a simple wall, it can become your inspiration for meditation.

11. These are pearls cut in halves and they look like tiny galaxies.

12. Mountains on an animal’s back

13. A hand grenade’s insides look like a golden dome.

14. It’s sort of funny, beautiful, and disgusting all at the same time.

15. This lava shot is totally hypnotizing.

16. A jellyfish-like peeled aloe vera leaf

17. Now you know a whale’s blowhole looks like a nose...on its back!

Which picture surprised you the most and which one did you like best? Share your opinions in the comments below.