17 People Who Are Making This World a Better Place

Have you ever noticed that people who care about those around them are happier than those who have millions of dollars and work on the top floors of high-rise buildings? Such caring people possess the most important quality that could save the world: they aren’t indifferent. They cut food for elderly people, feed street dogs, and do other things that look so simple but, in fact, they’re just precious.

Smiles Tv has found some people that we’d like to say “thank you” to for everything they do.

17. Locals cover street dogs with blankets during snowstorms in Istanbul.

16. A stranger helping out another stranger struggling with his tie.

15. A woman fixed a seat on the bus she was riding.

14. “Opened my dog’s prescription and discovered the vet broke the pills in half for us to make sure we didn’t accidentally overdose him.”

13. “Started a new job in a metal plant. My boots were old and they were killing my feet. 2 guys I’ve only known for 2 weeks went in half each on a new pair of boots for me after I said I’d rather take care of my family than my feet.”

12. This man helps people with math and physics questions.

11. “A nest that some birds made in my bicycle seat pack while I was away. I’ll take the bus to work as long as they need it.”

10. “Found at my local supermarket. They treat kids with free fruit!”

9. This elderly man told the waitress that his hands weren’t working very well. Without hesitation, she took his plate and began cutting his ham.

8. A child suffered an asthma attack during a flight. Fortunately, a surgeon was on board and he created a nebulizer.

7. “Someone in my neighborhood has a mini library open to anyone, including a children’s section and a stool to reach it.”

6. This guy spent his subway ride playing his violin for a baby because she was crying.

5. “My grandparents saving a beached whale off the coast.”

4. “My taxi driver asked to stop for a second. He went out to feed the street dogs.”

3. Someone built a house for cats. There are plates and rugs inside.

2. A homeless man saved a puppy and found a family for him.

1. A game developer changed the interface to help out a disabled player.

A conversation between a player and a game developer in the comments:

Player: “Will you have old school movement with a click of the mouse on the arrows?”

Developer: “No, we don’t have on-screen arrows. May I ask why do you want to know? Just curious because I don’t know anybody who clicked on those arrow buttons in the old games.”

Player: “I’m disabled and I use a mouth stick for typing. It’s just easier for me. But I’ll learn to play your way.”

Developer: “I couldn’t see why the arrow icons couldn’t be added, so I went and added them for you. They can be enabled from settings menu. Hope you like the game!”

Player: “Are you serious? That’s awesome! Thanks again, I can’t wait to play.”

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