16 Super Easy Exercise Life Hacks to Make You Look and Feel Perfect

Making up your mind to start exercising regularly is always a big decision and lack of time is not the only reason. Recent studies have shown that 75% of women interviewed choose to not exercise for fear of being judged by others. It’s not only about extra weight — many women get embarrassed when sweating or looking awkward when using the sporting equipment and some even feel guilty for spending time on themselves. If you are one of those women, take a look at these easy hacks that will build your confidence.

Here at Smiles Tv we’ve prepared a collection of sports life hacks that will make your workouts easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

1. Take care of your sportswear

  • If you don’t feel comfortable enough in your workout top, try changing its shape. Tighten your top with a stitch in the middle to turn it into a support bra, as shown in the picture above.
  • Getting rid of sneaker odor might be a challenge as this type of footwear is prone to harboring odors. Try using baking soda sachets. These are easy to make using baking soda, a few pieces of cloth, and a ribbon or a string.
  • You might also like the idea of using tea bags as sneaker fresheners.
  • If your sneakers have lost their shine, rub the inner lining of a banana peel all over the shoes as if you were applying shoe polish. Wipe the shoes with a dry, soft cloth after applying the banana peel and admire your shiny shoes!
  • If you don’t have any special chemical products at your disposal, you can clean the soles of your sneakers by using an ordinary eraser.
  • Clean your canvas sports shoes with a vacuum cleaner after long outdoor workouts. It will help you to get rid of small particles of dust.

2. Feel comfortable and safe

  • Hand sanitizer can be a good emergency deodorant. Just apply a thin layer of this product onto your armpits and it will help you to get rid of underarm odor. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol that kills the bacteria causing the unpleasant smell.
  • If you like listening to your favorite music while exercising but there’s nowhere you can put your phone, try this DIY armband made of a sock.
  • If you are exercising on a slippery floor, use some hot glue or fabric paint to make DIY non-slip socks. Just spread glue or paint on the bottom of your socks and let it dry!
  • Applying a layer of hair spray onto the soles of your sneakers will make them less slippery and improve their grip.
  • If you often forget about drinking water during long workouts, mark your bottle as shown in the picture above and it will help you control your water consumption.
  • If your athletic wear has no pockets you can attach your locker key to your shoe laces. Just make sure you tie them properly.
  • A couple of panty liners placed on the inner side of your workout top will absorb the sweat in the area under your breasts and make you feel more comfortable when exercising.
  • If you plan to take a shower after a workout at the gym, pour the necessary amount of shampoo and shower gel into a contact lens case and you won’t have to take bulky bottles with you.

3. Do a sporty hairstyle

  • Use a sock to make a nice tight hair bun that can survive your most vigorous workouts, as shown in this video.
  • Put your stretchy plastic hair tie into hot water to make it shrink.

4. Find your inner confidence

Try to find your inner source of confidence — we are all different but we all have the right to be happy and free. Don’t let your fear of being judged prevent you from playing sports and becoming a better person every day. Buy sportswear in bright colors (this can put you in the right mood and motivate you) and choose a gym close to your home, so that you won’t use travel time as an excuse for not exercising. Let your fears go and begin your exciting exercise journey right here and right now!

Which of these hacks do you find most useful? Do you have your own exercise tips? Share your observations in the comments!