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Success Story: Finish Thompson's B2B Marketing Transformation

B2B buying has changed dramatically in recent years, and marketers need to adjust their strategies to meet the buying behaviour of their customers. Finish Thompson is a family-owned manufacturer of fluid pumps, based in Eerie, Pennsylvania, who realised they needed to update their go-to-market strategy and online presence to remain competitive in the market. To help them reposition their business from a product company to a solutions provider, they enlisted the help of a B2B marketing agency, RH Blake, who specialises in the manufacturing sector.

By conducting interviews with all parties in the demand chain, the team at RH Blake were able to gain a greater understanding of the customer’s needs. This enabled them to develop a five-step program to help Finish Thompson shift from a product company to a solution provider. This included creating fresh content and a new website to inform customers about their solutions capabilities, plus optimising their SEO strategy to meet the research needs of their prospects. To generate leads, they produced a range of helpful content, such as white papers and case studies, and kept their distributors informed with a monthly newsletter.

Thanks to this strategy, Finish Thompson has seen a steady improvement in their search visibility from 2020 to 2023, and their CEO has stated that RH Blake has helped them “penetrate their target markets by implementing a more end-customer-focused marketing approach”.

This case study highlights a few key takeaways for B2B marketers. Firstly, research into customer needs is essential to marketing success. Businesses must have a deep understanding of how their customers buy and be able to communicate to them the value they can deliver. It’s also important to bring all parties into the research, not just end customers. Finally, B2B marketing is about finding ways to help prospects and customers move along their buying journey in your direction.

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