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Michelin Merges Expertise and Digital Era Demands for Personalized Customer Experience

Michelin, the French tyre company, has been publishing hotel and restaurant guides for 123 years. Michelin Experiences, which handles events, marketing, communications and sales for the guide, is now looking to merge their knowledge and expertise with the demands of the digital era. Chief Product Officer Michael Davis is transforming the Michelin Guide from a directory of reference material into a daily digital utility that encompasses all aspects of curation and lifestyle. To deliver personalized recommendations to registered members of the Michelin Community, they turned to Qloo, which uses AI to predict taste for any target audience. Qloo has mapped more than a quarter-trillion cultural correlations and can produce recommendations in milliseconds. Michelin also aims to use crowdsourcing from their customer base to add value to the product. Initially, they signed with Qloo in 2021 and their implementation happened in-house, leveraging Qloo’s documentation and AI developer tools. The integration takes a day to hook into the APIs and custom solutions/pipelines take no more than a few weeks. The team running the solution is just a handful of engineers, and the cost is usually in the 6-figures annually. Qloo has also developed a self-serve interface for marketers and individual developers. Michelin’s use of AI and crowdsourcing to create a personalized customer experience is a successful example of how businesses can meet the demands of the digital era.

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