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Maximizing Brand Exposure and Sales Through the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest annual events in the US, and brands are taking advantage of the opportunity to gain exposure and drive sales. This year, with the shift to digital channels like CTV and streaming, there are new ways for brands to reach their target audiences. Digital advertising agency Adtaxi projects that streaming viewers will surpass those watching the game on broadcast or cable, while consumer insights and analytics company GWI suggest that up to 50% of NFL fans are using social media while watching games. Brands like Michelob ULTRA and PepsiCo are partnering with companies like Instacart and DoorDash for co-marketing initiatives, enabling them to reach a wider range of consumers. Instacart is leveraging Michelob ULTRA’s TV commercials with a QR code, while DoorDash is offering Roku users membership into their loyalty program. Rakuten is also taking advantage of the event to boost brand awareness with a nostalgic campaign featuring 90s star Alicia Silverstone. The Super Bowl is an ideal time for brands to get creative with their strategies and engage with their audiences in different ways. Regardless of whether viewers are watching the game on streaming or broadcast on their primary screen, over half of adults expect to follow the Super Bowl on a second digital screen, highlighting the need for brands to have a cross-screen approach. Brands need to think beyond the traditional 30-second TV spot and use this opportunity to create unique experiences that will resonate with their audiences. Performance marketing company Fluent suggest that brands should leverage the brand equity gained during the Super Bowl to re-engage consumers and drive conversions in the weeks that follow. By taking advantage of the digital channels available and creating meaningful experiences, brands can gain maximum exposure and drive up sales.

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