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B2C Marketers Struggle to Meet Priorities Amid Data Privacy Regulations

Many B2C marketers are finding it difficult to meet priorities this year, according to a study from Forrester. Chief among them include increasing customer experience, customer engagement, brand perception, ROI and creating passionate advocates. Challenges include changing economic conditions, quality of customer data, lack of cross-functional alignment and process inconsistency due to poor integration or redundancy in technology solutions.

Marketers are also having difficulty meeting the priorities given by their organizations, such as introducing or enhancing AI capabilities, implementing an omnichannel strategy, improving ROI and implementing agile frameworks. Additionally, marketers are struggling with marketing execution tasks such as personalizing, communications, experiences and interactions, coordinating different marketing service providers, creating a single view of the customer across channels and interactions, driving decision-making and customer insights and managing data quality.

Data privacy regulations and compliance issues continue to impact marketing goals, making it difficult for B2C organisations to access customer data and create effective data collaborations. As such, organisations must control their internal processes and tech solutions in order to improve customer experience, brand perception and other customer-facing difficulties.

It is clear that B2C marketers are overwhelmed by the challenges of meeting priorities this year, with data privacy regulations making it difficult for organisations to access customer data. To overcome this, organisations must focus on controlling their internal processes and technology solutions to ensure customer experience, brand perception and other customer-facing difficulties are improved.

Originally reported by Martech:
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